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Exploring Danang Fresco Village

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Located in Hamlet 75, Nguyen Van Linh Street, “Danang Fresco Village” project has been officially opened since March 29th, 2018. This project has attracted many tourists to traveling, experience and taking photos. What makes it become more and more attractive? Let CHICLAND’s tour guide lead you to explore this exciting destination.

Landed right at the tail of Dragon Bridge, it’s very easy to see the entrance of Danang Fresco Village. The welcoming gate made by coconut leaves creates the rustic atmosphere of the Vietnamese countryside, bring a sense of closeness and simplicity to visitors. At the gate, the guests will find a signpost indicating what is inside the alley. In addition to the paintings in this alley, there are also food market, play area, flower tea corner, etc.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

Going through the gate, there are many lively pictures about Vietnamese village, rice fields, the daily life of labors, about impressive natural landscape, and famous destinations in Danang.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

All the pictures on this fresco village were implemented by fifty artists and many of Fine Art Association together with members of Da Nang Youth Association on three months.

The mural paintings are drawn in four themes that take viewers to enjoy the adventure of discovery Danang's cultural and artistic through paintings about the life of fisherman, Dien Hai citadel, and specialties and natural products of Danang as well.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

Moreover, the paintings also highlight much other beauty in Vietnamese village such as pictures about the rice fields, about a boy riding on the buffalo, or images of street vendors. All appear in a rustic, simple, close and familiar way.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

The image of the red-shanked douc langurs, endemic in Son Tra Peninsula, are also lively on the walls with a message of protection.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

Guests will be fascinated when you see drawings of folk games which they used to play when they were children like skipping rope, bamboo jacks, or blind man’s buff are drawn in a very vivid way.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

Continue moving to the corner of the Youth Corner, a dreaming and bright space, which is especially suitable for the students or for those who want to relive their youthful past.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

In addition to the lively paintings, the dining area in this alley is also worth exploring. The famous snacks of the Central such as bloating Fern-shaped cake, clear flour cake, and gefilte fish will be the ideal choice for guests after the whole day exploring, and taking pictures on the alley.

Danang Fresco Village | CHICLAND Hotel

With good benefits and great value, Danang Fresco Village are contributing to promoting tourism, leaving environmental protection messages, preserving the beauty of local culture and sending good messages to the local and tourists as well. Therefore, exploring Danang Fresco Village is an interesting adventure for visitors in Da Nang.

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