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If style is an important factor for a preliminary evaluation of one's attitudes and lifestyles, then Parisian style is the simplicity of the Parisian Chic fashion and the way they are living in "Green" spaces - modern Parisian style Eco Chic. 

Green space - CHICLAND hotel

From ancient buildings

Ancient buildings - CHICLAND hotel

To modern skyscrapers, all of them are covered with layers of vegetation. Eco Chic is a special way people feel and live their lives.

modern skycrapers - CHICLAND hotel

Wake up at dawn walking around the small garden behind the house full of vegetables or city parks filled with trees to listen to the breath of busy city. It is also described as a walk together along the shore in the heart of The Tuileries to pick up fresh air.

green trees - CHICLAND hotel

Each piece of the wall, each corner of the street and shops, and every dinner table, there are green of vegetation. In that way, people are connected to nature from their home, in the heart of a poetic city.

dinner table - CHICLAND hotel

Nowadays, live a simple, gentle, tranquil life has become the trend that attracts every people. Understanding the desire of the guest, CHICLAND is creating a "green" and delicate living environment to save guests enjoy their "green" life.

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Follow green inspiration, the rooms at CHICLAND Hotel do not focus on luxury. Inspiring by Zen architectural style which is the Japanese interior that having the irreducible interior - Milimalism. This style is believed to bring the balance and peace. With local materials such as bamboo and palapa-thatched roofs complement the hotel’s beach setting perfectly. Interior design in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood, cream stones walls, concrete ceiling and furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.