Chicland Hotel


Chicland Hotel| Hotel in Danang | Hotel near Mykhe beach


The story of concrete, plants, or the adventure of human to immerse into nature.

from the creative director


Eco Chic is the way people feel the life in the special way. Waking up in the morning with the sunshine and walking around the small garden just inside your room’s balcony or stepping your feet onto the sand under morning sun to listen to the sea wave. They also could be the mornings with cups of tea, or the afternoon with the cocktail beside or simplify just the meals which are called as “ From farm to the table”. Each single wall, each single corner in the balcony or right inside the Tra House or La He restaurant, on each dining table which is inspired from nature. By this way, the human could immerse themselves into the nature right inside each single corner at CHICLAND and experiencing the local identity in the most relaxing way.